About Us

Innovation is happening everywhere, startups need right stake holders to make their companies investible & exitable.
- Kaushal Chokshi

CBA Startup Ecosystem (CBA) has built an ecosystem for startups to meet with corporates, investors and other stakeholders through its global network, online portal and by organizing 130+ physical and virtual events over the past years.

CBA understands that innovation is happening everywhere. However, startups need right handholding to make their startup Investible & Exitable. CBA is passionate about finding the right stakeholders to meet with startups, which can make their company smarter and grow faster.

One of the key focus for startups is Revenue Generation & hence CBA is focused on creating value by generating various revenue opportunities for startups as a part of its programs. These could be inorganic access through channels or partners, organic access to direct customers or through Market Access Programs such as India Market Access.

CBA has structured programs to help Corporates setup their Innovation Program by providing access to innovative Startups, & thus encourage engagements with them through strategic investment, use of technology, or establish partnerships or alliances.

CBA works with various economic development organizations to provide smarter resources to local startups who can think about going global from day one.

CBA belongs to a group of companies which has been involved in global businesses for more than 40 years. The Group is led by Kaushal Chokshi, a serial Entrepreneur and investor, who has established and managed businesses in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America.