CBA Invests in UK Startup Playcanvas

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CBA Startups has recently invested EUR 10,000 in PlayCanvas, a cloud computing platform and winner of the Startup Competition 2013 in Ukraine, to reach a total of EUR 25,000 along with 500 Startups.

This was initiated in the context of the European Venture Summit in Kiev, the first freemium conference for startups and investors from all over Europe and the U.S.

Organized last December, the summit was a two-day event with more than 1,500 participants ranging from IT entrepreneurs, business angels, venture capitalists and incubators from the Ukraine, Europe and the USA. All these people were brought together to attend panel discussions and workshops.

The conference also held a Startup Competition for which Kaushal Chokshi, President of CBA Startups, was a member of the jury along with Dave McClure, CEO of 500 startups and other investors from the U.S. and Europe.

The two winners of the competition were PlayCanvas, a cloud platform for 3D Games development and LeadScanner, a lead generation tool that helps SMB’s find prospecting clients in social media and boost sales.

The CEO of PlayCanvas, David Evans, has been recently in San Francisco and met with Kaushal Chokshi and Marta Emerson, Manager at CBA Startups, who will provide support and space in the Bay Area to the UK company.

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