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This week at CBA we have been delighted to get to meet and know some innovative growth companies and startups in our Barcelona offices.

On Tuesday we have organized our monthly Pitch2CBA event, where entrepreneurs can present their projects to a selection committee. The following day, Marta Emerson, director for Europe at CBA, shed light on cross border investment during a workshop with growth companies which aim to bring international investors on board.

The Pitch2CBA committee is always on the look-out for startups, over the last months in Spain in various cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Basque Country and Canarias. Most of the companies we have invested in so far share some characteristics: international potential, local investors onboard, traction, and are interested in international investors who provide strategic value.

During the workshop, ‘Are you ready to bring international investors on board?’ Marta explained:

  • How to attract, pitch, and work with international investors.
  • The importance of entrepreneurs and investors being aligned on exit strategies from the beginning.
  • How entrepreneurs should be selective of the capital partners they work with, and should study the portfolio and expertise of each investor they consider.
  • That fundraising can be very time consuming for founders, with an average of 6 months per round.

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