Build Value to Exit

We contribute in successful exit for founders, investors,
employees and other stakeholders

Build Value to Exit Program is designed for startups who are in stages of Seed to Series A, and prepared to exit in 18 to 36 months by leveraging our global business experience and multidisciplinary network.

We build value for all stakeholders, founders, investors, employees and others. A successful exit of startups define success of local startup ecosystem. Maximization of valuation and benefits to stakeholders will depend on various factors like stage of the company, market conditions, technology trends, competition, regulatory and policy ecosystem, timing in terms of economic conditions, capabilities to scale, local jobs and desired ROI for investors.

We believe, in Post-Covid World, Revenue Generation is most critical for growth, attracting investors, attracting talent and creating value.

The foundation of our programs are focused on Revenue Generation and Market Access.

We are your Growth Partner.

Program Modules
Market Access

We leverage our experience of 40 years in establishing global sales with channel development

Investor Access

We have an extensive network of investors which includes Micro VCs, Seed Funds, VCs, private equity and corporate ventures.

Technology Access

We work with leading technology providers in global hotspots of technology development capabilities.

Talent Access

We work with remote talent pool needed for scaling companies.

Acquirer’s Access

We work with corporates and private equity who acquire companies. We work with IPO ecosystem in various countries.

Sounding Board

We become a sounding board for founders and CEOs.

Revenue Generation
Through Market Access & Channel Partnerships
Local and Global
Leveraging global resources for
local business & vice-versa
Ongoing Program with constant
involvement all the way to exit

Selection Criteria

Seed to Series A

Revenue Focused

Initial Product/Market Validation

Strong Founding Team

Globally Scalable product/Technology

Roadmap to Exit

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