Build Value to Exit

We work with companies to build an effective path to successful acquisition

BVE is a program startups that are open for a successful, strategic exit in 18-36 months.

We work with Seed to Series A startups with global potential to generate a roadmap to exit.

Program Overview

We help companies generate interest from the right strategic acquirers

Target Companies

Startups and SMBs with demonstrated traction or revenue in at least one market.

Preferred Industries: Clean Tech, UAV/Drones, Infra Tech, Forest Management, Circular Economy, Education

Range of Valuation: $10M+.

Phase 1: Strategy

Learn: Understand the business, financial outlook, and exit plan.

Acquirer Mapping: Map the landscape for potential acquirers and strategic value of the company across the ecosystem.

Milestones: Identify the revenue, unit economics, and operational capacity required for target valuation.

Action Plan: Establish the roadmap for Market Expansion, Workforce Acceleration, and Global Operations.

Phase 2: Build Value Modules

Market Expansion: Generate additional revenue, establish new customer segments, increase total addressable market.

Workforce Acceleration: Establish extended teams to rapidly increase delivery bandwidth to keep pace with growth.

Global Operations: Build organizational capabilities around the world that functions as a foundation to scale in the future.

Phase 3: Company Sale

CIO Office: We establish a research and analysis office for support during the m&a search process.

Exit Pack: Verified materials that present the latest progress, financials for acquirer due diligence.

Acquirer Access: We organize meetings with potential acquirers from our network.