Build Value to Raise

Demonstrate traction and a capacity to grow for successful funding rounds

BVR is a program for startups that aim to raise growth capital in 18-36 months.

We work with Seed to Series A startups with p/m fit that are focused on scaling distribution and operations.

This program focuses on helping companies establish the sales and operating foundation future investors will look for.

Program Overview

A comprehensive framework to achieve highly successful fundraise rounds

Target Companies

Startups and SMBs with high-growth potential, a global vision, and demonstrated traction or revenue in at least one market.

Preferred Industries: Clean Tech, UAV/Drones, Infra Tech, Forest Management, Circular Economy, Education

Range of Fundraise: $3M - $10M.

Phase 1: Strategy

Learn: Understanding the business plan, financial outlook, valuation targets, and exit plan.

Story: Create the right story and strategy for investors to better understand the investment opportunity.

Milestones: Identify the revenue, unit economics, and operational capacity required for target valuation.

Action Plan: Establish the roadmap for Market Expansion, Workforce Acceleration, and Global Operations.

Phase 2: Build Value Modules

Market Expansion: Generate additional revenue, establish new customer segments, increase total addressable market.

Workforce Acceleration: Establish extended teams to rapidly increase delivery bandwidth to keep pace with growth.

Global Operations: Build organizational capabilities around the world in accordance to emerging requirements.

Phase 3: Fundraise

CIO Office: We establish a research and analysis office for support during the investment process.

Investment Pack: Verified materials that present the latest progress, financials for investor due diligence.

Investor Access: We organize an investment meetings with investors from our network.