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Innovation is how organizations stay ahead of technology curve. The rate of change and adaptability differ with various domains. The combination of external predetermined factors and internal controlled initiatives will determine the rate of change.

Corporate has plethora of options from tapping global Innovation & Technologies to strategic investments for inorganic growth. Given CBA Startup Ecosystem’s global presence & reach, we offer three solutions to innovative corporate.

Access to Early Stage Startups

We have launched istarthub Accelerator - a Corporate Innovation Program, where we leverage on our global innovation ecosystem and target startups that address the specific uses cases or problem statements or as part of other strategic initiatives, defined by corporate.

istarthub Accelerator Program is a strong partnership between the Corporate & CBA Startup Ecosystem where each combine their strengths & resources to add value to the seed stage startups.

Access to Growth Stage Startups

We have launched Build Value to Exit program where a startup engages with us at Series A or if their milestone of exit is 18 to 36 months. We assist them to arrive at their desired valuation at exit.

We can have early engagement with corporate with strategic access to startups attributes for eventual acquisition. This alignment can provide desired outcomes to all stakeholders.

Access to Exit Ready companies

We work with startups who are ready for exit either at Series B or sometimes at Series A.

We have established a separate practice just to focus on such Strategic M&A discussions.

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