Digital Pitchbook

Stay ahead of the curve with Digital Pitch in post Covid-19 world.

CBA Pitchbook assist startups to design and develop Digital Pitch book, suitable for virtual pitching to investors and other stakeholders, by leveraging our years of digital content & technology experience and in house creative capabilities.

Why Digital Pitchbook ?
  • Investors & Corporates have moved to Video conferences, presentations and meetings to assess and process new startup ideas and deals.
  • With greater push for digital means, startups need to adapt themselves to newer ways of presenting.
  • Whether for Investment or to showcase a Product, well-structured digital pitches lead to much more productive discussions.
  • We know right context of content and creative; to develop effective story !!
  • Our CBA Startup Ecosystem members can publish their Pitchbook; on our proprietary portal.

What is a winning Digital Pitch?
  • Understand who you are pitching to.
  • Have a great story to connect with, your audience.
  • Focus on results and outcomes.
  • Prepare crisp professional presentation
  • 65% pf communication is non-verbal; leverage digital tools and videos.
  • Testimonial video clips will help the pitch.
  • Leverage CBA Digital Pitchbook for contextual content.

Types of Pitches

Video Pitches
  • Several aspects such as the background setting, overall dressing, screen size, resolution, tone, connectivityare key factors of a Video Pitch.

  • Video Pitches can either be Pre-recorded or Live depending on the situation.

  • While the former gives you a freedom to blend your speech with graphics/demo videos to create a greater impact, the latter gives you a flexibility to interact & customize your pitches.

Interactive Pitches
  • These are structured in a Q&A format & may include a voice over or guided text in the form of Questions.

  • Such pitches if recorded & edited appropriately, can be very focused, structured &efficiently convey the startup idea or value offering.

  • Leverage interactive Podcast as a pitch.

Pitch Decks
  • Pitchbooks need to effectively capture your idea, vision & potential of the startup.

  • A Good Pitchbook is a combination of crisp content & a design that aligns with your startup’s value proposition.

  • Our Team of experienced Designers will work with you to transform your vision into a presentable document.

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