Cross Border Angels is the first global investment network dedicated to cross border investments. Cross Border Angels is not affiliated with the presenting companies and does not endorse, invest in, assist with investment in or recommend any of the companies (or the securities of such companies) that may seek funding through Cross Border Angels members, and in the United States receives no success fees or other compensation for any funding that may occur (although Cross Border Angels members and/or volunteers may have an economic interest or affiliation with presenting companies which Cross Border Angels requires they disclose). Accordingly, any information or representations given or made by any presenting companies must not be relied upon as having been reviewed for accuracy or authorized by Cross Border Angels. Any offers to, or investments made, by a member of Cross Border Angels will be to or in his, her or its individual capacity and not on behalf of Cross Border Angles. Consequently, investors must conduct their own due diligence in connection with any investment in companies, including but not limited to legal, tax and investment advice.