23rd September 2016

CBA & Northeast Angel Investment

CBA is the first investment network dedicated to cross border investments. The network comprises of over 100 investors in various countries (India, China, UK, USA, and Spain, among others). Our mission is to connect founders of scalable, early-stage market validated and globally scalable companies with investors that can bring value in unlocking vertical and geographical growth opportunities.

For Sign Up Please contact to mina.wang@scaale.com or
call :  13610923119



Kaushal Chokshi

Founder and President of Scaale Group

Ashwin Sanzgiri

Global Head Capital Group, based in Toronto

Stephen Liu

Chairman of Northeast Angel, DVWI partner, CBA member

Hongchao Zhang

M+ Space founder and Investor Angel

Guest Registration
09:00am - 09:30am
09:30am - 10:10am

KnowCBA is an invite-only meeting which will be attended by existing and potential investors (including CXOs of companies). The CBA team will give them a perspective on CBA, our global objectives, global investments and methodologies for sourcing quality deals. Also why Dalian based investors should consider co-investing with investors outside Dalian will be discussed.

10:10am - 12:00pm

Participants: Entrepreneurs, Investors and CXOs with cross-border interests.

Pitch2CBA is a series of local events that provide local companies access to the CBA network to connect with investors and advisors. Founders of companies in the area are invited to apply to present their companies to CBA and to network with investors and mentors.

The Pitch2CBA has been hosted globally in cities like Tallinn, Budapest, Barcelona, Bangalore, Pune, Madrid, Mumbai, London etc. Now CBA has launched it in Dalian by working with Northeast Angel Investment.

We encourage companies to apply that are clear on their business model, and have demonstrated traction and market validation. CBA is sector-agnostic, and our investors like globally scalable and exitable business models and intellectual properties. Companies will get five minutes to pitch to the panel followed by three-minute Q&A.

Projects from Northeast Angel Investment

1. SIEVERT (Dalian, China)
Solar thermal, and R & D, production , technical consulting for photoelectric utilization related products

2. CASAMOTION (Dalian, China)
Chinese Art Glass Leading Brand in household glass ornaments

3. Magic Image (Dalian, China)
One-time authentication access system, combines the high-security OTP with easy to remember "graphical password".

4. Matrix (Dalian, China)
Baodan is a nursing robot with artificial intelligence targeting parents in 90s.

Projects from CBA

1. Nektria (Barcelona, Spain)
Responsive E-commerce Shipping

2. Surveypal (San Francisco, USA)
Enterprise feedback management & survey software