19th February 2018

Pitch2CBA Toronto

CBA organizes monthly pitching sessions called Pitch2CBA. As a part of the same, CBA's team reaches out to interesting startups globally to check if they fit the investment mandates of its members. These Criteria are given below:

  • Startup that has achieved traction and market validation
  • Products or services that have been adopted by customers
  • Preferably has co-investors interested to participate in the round

These attributes are suitable first level risk mitigating filters for global investors. Beyond these, there are multiple variables such as: pedigree of the founding team, maturity of the market, intensity of the competition, expectations in terms of valuation, exit strategy, etc. which come out during investor review and influence their interest levels.

The latest Screening Session for Pitch2CBA will be held today at an Italian Delegation event organised by ICE - Italian Trade Commission & NACO. As a part of the same.

CBA would be meeting 6 interesting ventures who will present at this event, and interact with them to evaluate and assess their business models, for on boarding them on the CBA network. Also, of the 6, one high potential start-up will be offered on a complimentary basis our premium Platinum membership. The membership value is EUR 5000 and it provides a one year campaigning access to the ecosysten of CBA investors globally. There is also an opportunity for the startup to explore corporate partnerships besides an investment as a part of the membership. The startup members automatically qualify for the scouting assignments our corporate members launch through joint Pitch2CBA screenings. The winning startup can launch multiple fund raising campaigns until their membership expires at the end of one year. This offer to the selected startup is conditional to our own due dilligence and a detailed screening session (30 minutes) with one of the Dealflow Managers at CBA.

Toronto, Canada