04th May 2016

Pitch2CBA Vilnius

CBA is an international angel investment club dedicated to facilitating cross border investments with investors from various countries (India, China, UK, USA, and Spain, among others) We help our members to co-invest and mentor international high growth potential companies, and we assist entrepreneurs to raise funds from the global network of investors in different markets.

Pitch2CBA is a series of local events that provide local companies access to the CBA network to connect with investors and advisors. Founders of companies in the area are invited to apply to present their companies to CBA, and to network with investors and mentors.

We encourage companies to apply that are clear on their business model, and have demonstrated traction and market validation. CBA is sector-agnostic, and supports technology-enabled, scalable business models. Companies will get five minutes to pitch to the panel followed by a three-minute Q&A. Participation is free of charge and without obligations.

Pitch2CBA Vilnius is taking place on May 4, in cooperation with Enterprise Lithuania as part of LOGIN Startup Fair 2016.

Interested to participate?

Please fill the online application form here
Download the offline form & send your entries along with your latest deck to max.gurvits@crossborderangels.com

Applications for Pitch2CBA Vilnius are accepted through May 1. Accepted companies will be notified on May 2.

Participation in Pitch2CBA is upon selection and invitation and without any further obligations. Should entrepreneurs choose, after the event, to engage with CBA's international network, a fee of EUR 250 is payable for accessing the CBA platform for fundraises up to EUR 250,000, or a fee of EUR 500 for fundraises above EUR 250,000.

Upon successful fundraising from CBA investors, CBA charges 5% success fee on funds raised from local CBA investors, and 7% fee for funds raised from international CBA investors.

Timing : 18.00 to 21.00




Speaker01 - Max

Speaker02 - Simonas

Simonas - Questions



Speaker05 - Questions

Speaker06 - Questions


Speaker08 - Questions


Speaker09 - Questions


Speaker10 - Questions


ISM Institute, Arkliu 18
Vilnius, Lithuania.