20th Mar 2017   

Pitch2CBA Mumbai

CBA is an international angel investment club dedicated to facilitating cross border investments with investors from various countries (India, China, UK, USA, and Spain, among others) We help our members to co-invest and mentor international high growth potential companies, and we assist entrepreneurs to raise funds from the global network of investors in different markets.

Pitch2CBA is a series of Global events that provide local companies access to the CBA network to connect with investors and advisors. Founders of companies in the area are invited to apply to present their companies to CBA and to network with investors and mentors.

The event will have slots for 15 curated & matured Startups for presenting to CBA and its investor panel over a 3 Minute Elevator Pitch, followed by a 2 Minute rapid Fire Q&A. The startups are expected to be clear on their business model & should have demonstrated traction & basic market validation of the product. The focus is sector agnostic with Technology being an enabler & globally scalable business frameworks. The startups will be graded on Team, Need/Opportunity, Market Size, Robustness of the Business Model & Exit strategy.

Timing : 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Investor Panel

Mahesh Kothurkar

Founder Global
Footprint Advisory

Manthan Shah

Matrix Partner

Prerna Bhutani

India Quotient

Apurva Roy Choudhury


Indiabulls Finance Centre, Tower 1, 1202A-12th Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road (West), Mumbai- 400 013