27th April 2017    

Webinar on Competitive Benchmarking

Scaale is a group of Growth Consultants with offices across 8 countries and 15 cities including San Francisco, Carson City, Tampa Bay, Madrid, Toronto & Mumbai. Scaale works with growth companies enabling them become micro multinationals in four verticals: Capital, Advisory, Sales and Exit.

This webinar will be a 30 minute discussion on the importance of Competitive Benchmarking for a growth company. The discussion would revolve around the key aspects of the competitive benchmarking at various stages of the life cycle of a business. The webinar would be followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.

The essential facets of benchmarking while conducting business, raising funds, exit strategies, client acquisition would be discussed to assist companies gain a holistic perspective from all stakeholders involved.

Timing : 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM (ET)

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