Financial Health Package

Does your Business Need A Financial Doctor?

CBA Financial Health Package does financial health assessment of late stage startups and mature companies; by leveraging our experience of working with financial institutions and network of financial professionals.

Why companies need to check financial health ?
  • It is a preventive strategy to stay ahead of the business need by understanding health of the company.
  • Legacy business practices &policies can create obstacles (or roadblocks) for growth.
  • A fresh perspective is needed tolayout a clear roadmap.
  • More importantly, in the Post Covid-19 Scenario, there is a greater need to take a re-look at operations & re-align business goals & strategies.

Elements covered under Financial Health
  • Liquidity & Solvency

Whether it is short term or long term liquidity, early warning signs can help to pre-empt a future crisis.

Multiple financing options can be explored once there is a clarity of cashflow & resource requirement.

Financial Obligations can be better planned& structured if their timings are synced with inflows.

  • Operational Efficiency & Profitability

Day-to-day rigors may unknowingly buildup inefficient practices that can go unnoticed.

Regular assessment of Business operations & benchmarking them against the set parameters is critical to expose any deviations.

Money saved is money earned - Controlling costs by keeping them at optimum levels would push up the bottom line.

  • Valuation

Eventual aim of any business isValue Creation for all the stake holders.

A periodic Valuation exercise can act as a measure of company’s performance &can help to define milestones for the future.

The overall health of the business depends on how well it is poised to take the advantage of any given market conditions.

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