India Market Access - Smart City

Post Covid-19 world needs accelerated plan for smart cities.

IMA Smart City assist global companies and startups to access India market; where we leverage our multidisciplinary network of corporate, advisors and sales channels along with smart city stakeholders.

Why focus on Smart City?

  • According to McKinsey research 60% of GDP will be produced in 600 cities around the world by 2025.
  • In post Covid-19 world, a sustainable local smart living will be the preferred way of living and working.
  • Because of urban sprawl, traffic congestion and security issues, citizens demand efficient cities to improve their lives.

  • IoT, mobile technology and ubiquitous broadband is allowing urban planner and city stakeholders to design smart cities.
  • In future the measurement of progress of city will not only be GDP but also it will be Happiness Index or Human Development Index.


IMA Connect

This program is for a company who wants to get the feel of the market. We provide local virtual office address, assistance of contacting channels or clients during the your visit to country, Account Manager who can work with you and preparing company to take the next step.

IMA Scale

This program is more committed than IMA Connect. In addition to IMA Connect features, you will get a dedicated Account Manager or Country Manager and we will assist in developing the market.

IMA Direct

This program is for the companies who understand the local market and they will like to hire and build their own team to develop and manage the market.

IMA License

This program is for companies who use technology licensing, brand licensing or franchising to enter the local market. We provide customized solution.

IMA Joint Venture

This program assists the company to find, negotiate and close the deal with a joint venture partner. We also provide post joint venture interim management services.

IMA Subsidiary

This program is a turnkey project to establish majority owned subsidiary in local market.

Smart City Verticals

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Governance

Smart Energy

Tele Health

Tele Education

Tele Work

Urban Farming/FoodTech

City and Cyber Security

City Planning

Home Automation

Smart Workplace

Smart Entertainment

Smart Banking




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