Investment Pack

Present the right story and financial model to investors

Develop the right investment narrative, financial model, and valuation.

Present investors with materials aligned with how they make investment decisions.

Raise using a financial model that captures the unique value drivers and potential of a startup.


Financial services by experts who understand startups

Who It's For

Startups and SMEs preparing for early or growth stage fundraising.

Founders seeking financial modeling and valuation specialists experienced with startups.

Investment firms requiring modeling, valuation, due diligence support for investments and portfolio companies.

What's Included

Narrative: The story of why the company was founded, what it has done, and where it is today.

Product/Market: What is the product or service, what pain it solves, and what market segments it addresses.

Traction/Business Model: Product adoption to date, future projections, and how does adoption translate to revenue.

Financial Model: Short-to-long term forecasting of cash flow, KPIs, and scenarios.

Valuation: Price the business whether pre or post revenue taking into account comparable valuations in the space.