Product Acceleration

We help growing companies deliver more with extended teams

We have extended product teams for high-growth companies ranging from 5 to 50 team members.

Each team extension is built around a company's unique requirements, team structures, and culture.

Why Extended Teams

The right model for startups to quickly expand delivery bandwidth

Dedicated (vs. Bench)

Teams are hired for each startup, and not allocated from an existing "bench" shared with other companies.

Quick & Scalable

Extended teams are brought onboard faster than internal hires when growing startups need them.

Niche Skills

With teams hired around the unique requirements of each company, more niche or scarce skills can be brought onboard.

Cultural Sync

Extended teams organize across the existing department(s), roles, salaries, culture(s) of a company.

Continuous Workflow

Avoid the rigidity, starts, stops of project outsourcing. Implement ongoing, agile, evolutionary methodologies.


Extend existing employee learning and development initiatives to extended staff.

Critical Work

Expand critical, complex projects that demand greater control over workflow and IP.

How It Works

Teams are built around each startup's unique requirements

1. Team Selection

  • Learn operations culture, process requirements, work methodologies, governance.
  • Finalize team roles, specifications, timeframes.
  • Assign hiring managers and commence talent mapping.
  • Coordinate initial database candidate sourcing, screening.
  • Identify and finalize team leads, senior members.

2. Onboarding

  • Team leads onboarding and knowledge transfer (HQ visits as required).
  • Office, IT, communication infrastructure procured, setup, made operational.
  • Remaining team members sourcing, screening, finalized
  • Full team knowledge transfer, integration, and onboarding.

3. Launch

  • Start of team delivery, introduction of ongoing work methodology.
  • Full onsite and offshore team integration.
  • Bring operational and process practices to maturity.
  • Audit team performance, churn team members as required.
  • Iterate team staff, work, and support process until full productivity is realized.

4. Expansion

  • With productivity milestones realized, teams have operational foundation to expand.
  • Increase workload volume, develop organizational practices.
  • Introduce additional team functions to offshore delivery center.
  • Build additional offshore delivery centers in new locations.