Talent Anywhere Joins CBA Startups

CBA Startups is excited to announce the addition of Talent Anywhere’s international expansion and operations management business. Through this merger CBA Startups bolsters its global capabilities in helping companies achieve strategic growth towards successful capital raise and exit.

About Talent Anywhere

Talent Anywhere is a leader in helping companies expand to new locations. Based in San Francisco, the company has setup and managed 200+ international operations across India, China, South Africa, and Europe for clients in IT/ITes, E-commerce, Enterprise Software, Telecommunications, Gaming, and Business Services.

International operations range from teams of 5 to a workforce of 200+ staff, including both co-located physical offices and distributed teams. Initial track in building back office centers expanded to include product, r&d, sales, and logistics.


Talent Anywhere was founded in 2006 with a vision to help SMEs operate on a global footprint with the same ease and success of much larger multinationals.

This was accomplished with a unique partnership model where both sides operate from their strengths in a new location. Talent Anywhere handling local hiring, HR, facilities, admin, legal/compliance; Clients focused on achieving critical business objectives.

By significantly reducing the time, capital, and learning curve in getting started, this approach de-risked new international operations from standard failure rates of over 50% to less than 5% for Talent Anywhere.

After setup, partnerships see further benefits. Employee onboarding, time-to-productivity, and retention outperform conventional ‘full captives’. The majority of clients increase headcount within their first year.

CBA + Talent Anywhere

Talent Anywhere further strengthens how CBA Startups helps companies through its Build Value to Raise and Build Value to Exit programs. A key component in the decision was Talent Anywhere's experience operating on the ground in emerging markets.

Emerging markets can be challenging for startups because they lack mature business and service provider ecosystems. Finding reliable vendors and coordinating their activities can prove difficult. Startups also tend to lack the bandwidth and scale to develop their own capabilities.

Startups are often held back from expanding to where their customers, talent, and resources are. The addition of Talent Anywhere helps CBA Startups remove barriers to let companies access opportunities around the world earlier and with less risk.

Kaushal Chokshi, President of CBA Startups, expands on this:

“Talent Anywhere lets us be more active in helping startups go after global opportunities — it transforms what we can do in terms of revenue generation and accessing tech talent. This is an exciting step for us in creating value for companies.”