Value Creation

Growth strategies formulated by seasoned operators

CBA Startups provides value creation plans to drive improvements in top-line growth and operations.

We list action items that apply global context to a company's market, operations, product, and governance.

Our focus is to introduce strategies we have 40+ years of implementing ourselves.


Reach revenue goals with strong unit economics

Who It's For

Startups who have raised growth capital and are building a machinery to scale.

Founders with a mandate to fulfill specific metrics for investors or M&A.

Companies seeking top-line growth, margin improvement, or cost reduction.

Investment firms assisting portfolio companies in improving profitability and operations.

What's Included

Thesis: A vision guiding how the business can be more valuable over the next 12-18 months.

Company: An evolved understanding of the business, its history, products, brand, technology, culture, and leadership.

Product/Market: What need does the product address, existing customers, future roadmap and market segments.

Action Items: Key initiatives to drive top-line growth, operational improvements, and governance engineering.

Financial Modeling: Forecasting the short-to-long term impact of business initiatives on the business.